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   History of Halo Therapy :
         The ancient Greeks  knew the value of salt based remedies , as an expectorant. Hippocrates in (460 B.C.)
made frequent use of salt, and specifically mentions the inhalation of steam  from salt-water for the relief of respiratory symptoms .
          In 1843 Dr. Felix Bocakowski was the first to mention the benefits of natural salt mines, he realized that the salt mine workers he treated had very healthy respiratory systems.Since then, natural salt mines were utilized to naturally treat respiratory ailments. to this day there are working hospitals throughout Europe in natural salt mines.
          In the 1980's however, intensive studies in Eastern Europe have been conducted to determine the therapeutic
factors of natural salt mines. Dr.Chervinskaya, the founder of Halotherapy and a team of scientist concluded that dry salt aerosol is the main therapeutic factor of natural salt mine climates. With this knowledge it became a possibility to re-create this micro-climate above ground.
           Different attempts to produce dry salt particles were not successful and as a result, Halogenerators were developed to provide dry salt particles into salt rooms. Halogenerators act much like a mill,grinding salt into 1-5 micron size particles and with the ability to expel therapeutic amounts into the salt therapy room.
          In 1990, the Russian Ministry of Public Health sanctioned Halo Therapy / Drt Salt Aerosol Therapy as valid medical treatment, based on data collected from 15 Russian hospitals (from 1991-1994). Over 4,700 patients both adults and children have been evaluated with various types of pulmonary disease with a high success rate.
          IN early 2000, Halo therapy was introduced into the Health Spa Industry and is spreading rapidly in Europe and North America.

How it works:
        Salt therapy or Halo Therapy (Halos Greek for salt ) is an alternative treatment in a salt room, which reproduces the unique micro-climate found in natural salt caves.Salt therapy is effective in treating a variety of respiratory disorders and skin conditions such as asthma,, allergic and chronic bronchitis, frequent colds, sinus issues,certain skin conditions including psoriasis and dermatitis.
Salt Therapy is 100% natural, drug-free and non- invasive.
         Dry aerosol micro particles of salt are dispersed by a Halo-Generator into the salt room during a 45 min. session. The particles, measuring between 1-5 microns in diameter, penetrate deep into the lungs,bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli. AS the salt is inhaled it travels through the sinuses and respiratory tract absorbing moisture, clearing mucus and killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, widening of the airway passages, cleansing residual tar and foreign allergens,and improving the immune system.

Conditions that benefit from complimentary Halo-Therapy
Asthma Croup (obstruction of the larynx, trachea, bronchi especially of infants and young children)
Cystic Fibrosis
Chronic cough and smokers cough
Ear Infections Emphysema
Sleep Apnea
Arthritis,joint pain
Stress,anxiety and depression