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La Stone Therapy:

A La Stone Therapy session goes beyond the experience of a typical massage and enters you into a deeper dimension of relaxation, health and well being.   It is one of the most effective therapies to relieve mental and physical stress.  Hot basalt and color marble stones are used to massage and relax the body.  This process brings about a vascular gymnastics of the circulatory system and assists the body in its self-healing.  90 Minutes - $95


The wrap consists of lightly exfoliating the body with a soft brush to open the pores and twelve essential oils are perfectly blended to be massaged into the skin for 30 minutes as the body is wrapped in a thermal blanket to allow the oils to do the work of eliminating excess fluids and tension in the body leaving the skin hydrated and toned. 60 minutes - $65.00

Therapeutic Massage:

This massage is a full-body massage.  It increases circulation, which helps with arthritis, relieves muscle tension throughout the body due to daily stress concentrating on the neck, shoulders and back.
30 minutes - $40.00        60 minutes - $65.00

Facials Peels and Treatments

Deep Pore Cleansing:

This facial begins with a hand paraffin dip followed by a deep pore cleansing using natural products and steam to melt away surface impurities plus and an anti-stress facial massage.  This facial is a must for leaving your skin healthy.  60 minutes - $70.00

Peel and Facial:

This facial peel is a deep penetrating treatment designed for all skin types to refine, exfoliate and deep clean your skin.  This treatment minimizes fine lines and promotes a healthy complexion. 60 minutes - $70.00

The Belavi Facelift Massage:

The treatment consists of a thorough cleansing with a pure wholesome facial cleanser and a gentle buffing creme to smooth and soften the skin.  This process deep cleans the pores and prepares the skin for the massage.  A full thirty minutes is devoted to massaging your face with luxurious oils and cremes, toned with herbal mists and treated to an invigorating honeylift massage treatment.  Warmed towels soothe the tension lines from the face while your hands and feet are massaged.  The face is then moisturized with cremes containing the finest natural bio extracts.  60 minutes - $65.00


This unique treatment provides hydration and a vibrant glow for stressed skin cleansing and exfoliation followed by a luxurious mask and a hand paraffin dip, leaving the skin vibrant and youthful.
60 minutes - $65.00

Pedicures and Manicures

Aromatherapy Pedicure:

Enjoy a refreshing foot soak in our state of the art pedicure spa, followed by cuticle, callus and nail care. Exfoliation of legs and feet, moisturizing and skin nourishing. You will then receive a relaxing massage to the lower legs and feet.

90 minutes - $45.00

Aromatherapy Manicure:

This wonderful manicure begins with nail shaping cuticle care and a citrus soak. The hands are then exfoliated leaving them soft and smooth. A rich moisturizer is then massaged into your skin, followed by moisture enhancing paraffin dip.
60 minutes - $25.00


Lip, chin and eye brows. $12.00 each


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